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Flexibility Training for Golfers: Stretching your limits

by Don Tinder, Professional Fitness Trainer for Golfers

A smooth, successful golf swing results from having good range of motion and flexibility in your swing path. As flexibility increases, your ability to have a complete backswing and extended follow-through improves. Most golfers have a tendency to be tight in the flexor and extensor muscles of the legs and hips, but flexible in the hips and trunk from constant swinging. Therefore, these flexors and extensors should be stretched regularly. Remember, muscles and tissues tend to shorten over one’s lifetime, but stretching and flexibility exercises have been proven to prevent and even reverse this condition.

These 3 simple stretches should be performed every day and before teeing off.
They take less than 5 minutes to perform and will help you achieve better range of motion in your swing, as well as help you to relax mentally before you tee off.

Stretch #1 –Quadriceps Stretch – In a standing position, hold on to a fixed object such as a table or chair with one arm and slowly pull one foot backwards and upwards toward your buttocks with the other arm. Pull the foot gradually until you feel a comfortable stretch on the top of the thigh. Hold for 15-20 seconds and repeat with the other leg. Perform twice with each leg.
-This stretch helps you to maintain flexibility in the powerful muscles of the thighs and hips and allows you to rotate into the ball with power and control.

Stretch #2 – Shoulder Stretch – Grasp the back of your right arm and gently pull that arm across your body, directly under your chin, until you feel a comfortable stretch in the right shoulder. Hold for 15-20 seconds and repeat with the other arm. Perform twice with each arm. – This stretch will help you achieve more range of motion on your backswing and follow-through, allowing you to generate maximum power and stay on a more consistent swing path into and through the ball.

Stretch #3 – Forearm Stretch – Hold your right arm directly out in front of you at shoulder level. Grasping the fingers of that right hand, gently pull the fingers backwards towards your body until you feel a comfortable stretch in the right forearm. Hold for 15-20 seconds and repeat with the other hand.
Perform twice with each arm. – This stretch increases your ability to communicate with and «feel» the clubhead with the hands and fingers. This helps you to stay in control of the clubhead throughout the entire swing.

These stretches address the legs and hips, shoulders, and forearms, respectively. The muscles of these areas are very important to maintaining control, power, and consistency in your game. If performed regularly and faithfully, these stretches will help a golfer reach their ultimate potential and have more fun while doing it!

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