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Improving your Golfing Fitness…Create You Vision

por Don Tinder, Professional Fitness Trainer for Golfers

An excerpt from
«The Fitness for Golfers Handbook:
Taking Your Golf Game to the Next Level»

If your goal is to play the kind of golf that you’ve always dreamed of playing, it’s time to take the simple steps necessary to improve your level of golfing fitness. You might be asking yourself, «What will keep me motivated?

What will keep me dedicated to my fitness goals?» Well, there are a few simple steps that you should follow. If you do, you will find it much easier to stick to your fitness plan and reach the next level of golfing performance! One such step is to create your vision of what you want to achieve:


Knowing what you want to achieve in your golfing fitness goals is the first step, but it is not enough. Once you have decided what your specific goals are, it’s time to create your vision. In golf, you should envision your next shot going exactly where you want it to go, even before you swing at the ball. It’s the same with your fitness goals — your ultimate success in achieving your fitness goals comes down to your ability to clearly picture yourself achieving them.

This process of creating a vision of achieving your goals, before you actually achieve them, will form the direct pathway for those goals to be realized. It’s also important to rehearse your goals in detail, seeing yourself as already having achieved exactly what you envision, with complete confidence.

If your goal is to play golf at the next level, creating a vision of a healthy, energetic, skilled player is a crucial step in realizing that goal. Be passionate about this vision you have pictured. Don’t concern yourself with where you are now, at this moment. Instead, create a positive vision of the future.

Perhaps one of your goals is to add 30, 40, or 50 yards to your driving distance. If so, then clearly picture yourself doing it…

Imagine standing at the first tee, with your body in better shape than ever before. Picture yourself holding a driver confidently in your hands and addressing the ball. Imagine your friends watching as you make a smooth backswing, then hitting the ball, sending it farther and straighter down the center of the fairway than ever before!

Can you picture this in your mind? Try this for yourself, using one of your goals. As you become better at creating a positive image in your mind’s eye, your motivation and ultimate ability to achieve those goals will be stronger than ever before. Take the time to do this every day! The process of creating a vision of what you want to achieve, both in your fitness and golf game, sets the stage for ultimate success!

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