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Test your knowledge of topics in Golf fitness

por Don Tinder, Professional Fitness Trainer for Golfers
Test your knowledge of topics in fitness on this I.Q. test! See if you can get a high score! These questions deal with important issues in fitness preparation for golfers. Good luck and get ready to improve your fitness I.Q……. and your game too! E-mail your answers here :

  1. Why should golfers spend 5-10 minutes before they play to stretch and warm up?

A) To increase range of motion in your swing
B) To decrease chance of injury
C) Warming up relaxes you and increases mental concentration
D) Stretching increases overall flexibility for daily activities.
E) All of the above

  1. Exercise as preparation for golf results in:

A) A consistently strong and controlled swing
B) Increased range of motion and flexibility
C) Greater muscular endurance, energy, and stamina
D) Less injuries, aches and pains
E) Elevated levels of concentration and mental toughness
F) An increased enjoyment of the game
G) All of the above

  1. What types of foods should be consumed the day before and prior to a round of golf?

A) High carbohydrate, low-fat, moderate protein foods
B) Low carbohydrate, high-fat, high protein foods
C) Moderate carbohydrate, moderate fat, moderate protein foods
D) None of the above

  1. Which muscles on a golfer tend to be tight and in need of regular stretching?

A) The flexors and extensors of the legs and hips
B) The lower back, hamstrings and hips
C) Upper back and rear shoulders
D) All of the above

  1. What’s the «target zone» in aerobic exercise mean?

A) It’s when you are breathing heavily but not out of breath
B) It’s when your heart rate is at 60-80% of your maximum heart rate
C) It’s when you can maintain a conversation with someone, while taking a breath every two or three words
D) All of the above

  1. How long should I maintain the «target zone» in aerobic exercise?

A) At least 10 minutes
B) At least 1 hour
C) At least 20 minutes
D) As long as the soap opera lasts

  1. When should a golfer who begins an exercise program start to notice improvements?

A) When they play at Augusta
B) 3-4 months
C) 2-3 weeks
D) 4-5 days

  1. How long should a golfer hold a stretch?

A) Until they go numb
B) 3-4 minutes
C) 10-15 seconds

  1. A golfer’s muscles and tissues tend to shorten over time unless stretched regularly.


  1. Stretching should be performed every day and before teeing off.


  1. Strengthening exercises should be done every day and before teeing off.


  1. Golfers should «carb up» prior to their golf round.


  1. Many professional golfers now include flexibility, strengthening, and conditioning into their training regimen.


  1. Match the following exercises with the muscles most affected:

A. Wrist Curls A. Latissimus dorsi
B. Side Lateral Raises B. Chest
C. Shoulder Extensions C. Side abdominals, obliques, trunk rotators
D. Trunk Rotation D. Rib cage, trunk
E. Side Bends E. Legs, hips, trunk
F. Squats F. Front, side, rear shoulders
G. Pushups G. Forearms

  1. Who said «Exercise as preparation for my golf game has helped me play with better control, more intensity, and improved concentration»?

A) Bob Hope
B) Arnold Schwarzeneggar
C) Oprah Winfrey
D) Many who have incorporated fitness into their golf preparation

I hope these questions shed some light on the positive impact that physical preparation can have on YOUR golf game.

Next month, I will provide the answers to these questions. Remember, fitness can be incorporated into your golf practice with just a small amount of effort. If you take the time to be physically prepared, the rewards will be well worth it!

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